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Introducing Herricia L Willis

Attorney-at-law: Know your rights

Property Law in the Caribbean

Attorney at Law Ms. Herricia Willis talks about PROPERTY LAW in the Caribbean. Ms Willis is based in Grenada but has practised in Jamaica and in the superme court of England & Wales on her debut show.

Adverse Possession

Ms. Herricia Willis from her office in Grenada talks about ADVERSE POSSESSION or (SQUATTING) on another person property and discussing home owner rights

Divorce and Judicial Separation

Attorney at Law Herricia Willis talks in-depth about the laws around Divorce and Judicial Separation under Caribbean Law.

Immigration Act: Asylum Seekers & Refugees.

Ms. Herricia Willis is joined by Grenada Empowerment Movement Leader and Activist Earl Maitland as they discuss the Immigration Act Section 11.  They examine the rights of a refugee or asylum seeker on the island of Grenada with relation to the United Nations, and how Grenada does not have laws in place to protect incoming refugees on the island.

Wrongfully Imprisoned In Grenada - Solicitor Informs UN

Ms. Willis updates everyone on the innocent asylum-seeker currently locked up in prison for over a year. Also, discusses the type of conditions individuals have to put up with when in police cells or prison in Grenada.

Please Sign Our Petition!

Ms. Willis and Earl Maitland make an appeal to Grenadians and supporters all over the world to sign the petition demanding the Government of Grenada to immediately release this African brother from Grenada’s inhumane Prison. He has not committed any crime in Grenada or his homeland Ghana, Africa. His only crime was to seek asylum refuge in the country of Grenada.